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10.3.0 (Current)

  • Make API robust and accessible even when GPUs are hung.
  • Support ethproxy protocol pools, such as dwarfpool, to display worker names.
Filename Platform SHA256 checksum
bminer-v10.3.0-c1b9204-amd64.tar.xz Linux x64 93456e5b6cef4ed22bb0fefcd053755ee59ee8d1cf3327168c90fe42f77cdbc8 Windows x64 ff1d7f94431773d83f1fdb15d1c81f714d891ea0dc225c66ee460d04aad203ab Windows x64 341fda134df63372f20953b5068d1bbbf7df092409ccc8b0009381292f390e14


  • Support all the other Equihash 144,5 based coins besides BTG, using equihash1445 scheme and -pers config.
Filename Platform SHA256 checksum
bminer-v10.2.0-c698b5f-amd64.tar.xz Linux x64 76c5e39a749eef130b182a4c7135c1afbaa942e64c9117cc3966d8301b1c28ed Windows x64 07cf6e04bcd5b5a73c2f5e07fb25da971530915ca03cadee18710bb6b9f94068 Windows x64 1c39f4942fae0eb48ba6477d5d9db70ce9ce5ea93d333ee8d3f28ea5df56dde7


  • Fix performance regression in BTM mining.


  • Support mining Zhash (Equihash with parameter set 144,5) based coins.
  • Substantially increase BTM mining speed again (up to another 30%).
  • Support reported hashrate feature on ETH pools.


  • Substantially increase BTM mining speed (up to 30%).
  • Fix editing problems of .bat files on windows.
  • Add scheme suggestions in scripts for ETH mining.
Filename Platform SHA256 checksum
bminer-v9.1.0-9f41d5c-amd64.tar.xz Linux x64 6c1afd1f12a47c3ea2d74fb88033ec83eb3941d02bb862778bff59ff98ba55a1 Windows x64 098d96d4d18e8c0ad4d643557b3b7d3f93b98ec967a2e013d0cb84b16e8e24f7 Windows x64 3675fc2b7440fa5b2896253d4af7edc1138440d3d4ae371a6016aff04de66403


  • Experimental support for mining BTM.
  • Optimize the performance of automatic tuning in dual mining mode.
  • Start REST APIs much faster than previous versions.
  • Improve compatibility of mining Ethereum on Nicehash pool.


  • Support a dual mining mode for Ethereum (ETH, Ethash) and Decred (DCR, blake14r) / Verge (XVG, blake2s) without affecting Ethereum mining performance.
  • Automatically tune mining performance in dual mining mode.
  • Support dual mining mode in launcher and dashboard GUI.
  • Add scripts to download third party software OhGodAnETHlargementPill to improve Ethereum mining performance on GTX 1080/1080Ti.
  • Introduce new REST APIs to display stratum/solver/device status.


  • Experimental support for mining Ethereum.
  • Various usability improvements on the launcher GUI.
  • Create a lite distribution without the launcher GUI.


  • Fix potential regression caused by 6.0.0 for GPUs mounting on risers.
  • Improve mining algorithm stability.


  • Failover server supports. Supply multiple uris (separated by commas) via the -uri option to enable the failover support.
  • A launcher GUI for Windows.
  • Reduce reject rate caused by stale shares.
  • 0.3-0.5% performance improvement depending on card models.
  • Fix inaccurate metrics at the start of Bminer.
  • Reduce CPU usage the start of bminer.
  • Support miner.reconnect().
  • Experimental support for miningrigrentals.
  • A new option -no-runtime-info to disable runtime information collection.


  • Show the fan speed in both console and UI.
  • Fix compatibility issues for
  • Fix a bug that causes Bminer fails to start on Windows under some configuration.


  • Fix a reconnection issue in the network layer.
  • Show additional statistics in console.
  • Allow cross-domain requests to access the API.
  • Fix the compatibility issue with docker.
  • Introduce the option -share-check to make the time of recovering from no accepted shares configurable.


  • Experimental support for EthOS / Ubuntu 14.04.
  • Support AMD K10 CPUs.
  • Automatically restart hanged network connections.
  • Improve compatibilities with mining rigs with more than 8 cards.


  • Introduced the option -logfile to append the logs into a file.
  • Minor optimization on Windows for cards that are mounted on the risers.
  • Improve compatibility for NiceHash.


  • Support NiceHash.
  • Fix unstable network connections in 5.0.0.
  • Fix performance regressions for 1080Ti under Linux.


  • Minor performance improvement for GTX 1060.
  • Fixed performance regressions in 4.0.0 on Windows.
  • Optimization on the networking layer.
  • Show GPU ID in case of hardware errors.
  • Introduced the option -no-timestamps which suppresses the timestamps in the logging messages.


  • Minor performance improvement.
  • Support older CPUs like Core 2 Duo.
  • Support mining rigs that have more than 8 GPUs.
  • Support
  • Removed the polling option.
  • Introduced the option -max-network-failures which allows Bminer to exit after consecutive network failures.
  • Various improvement on the UI.
  • Localization for Russian and Chinese.


  • Minor performance improvement.
  • Disable CPU polling by default.
  • Introduce a Web-based dashboard.
  • Support slushpool.


  • Add the -polling option to make GPU polling configurable.
  • Improve the stability of the network connections.
  • First public release for Linux.


  • First public release.