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Sample Usages

The following section describes a few sample usages of the miner. There are a few things that need to be customized for your own usages:

  • Substitute t1ZBtpkUy1y1deYsNJnzdW4tk7HiJEcfUzr with your own address.
  • Substitute worker to your worker name.

Mining Zcash on nanopool

bminer -uri stratum://[email protected]:6666

Mining on coinfoundry

Mining Zcash on coinfoundry:

bminer -uri stratum://[email protected]:3036

Mining ZClassic on coinfoundry:

bminer -uri stratum://[email protected]:3122

Mining Zencash on coinfoundry:

bminer -uri stratum://[email protected]:3126

Mining Zcash on slushpool

bminer -uri stratum://[email protected]:4444

The command above will mine towards the account foo.

Mining Bitcoin Gold (BTG) on suprnova

bminer -uri stratum://foo.worker:[email protected]:8816

The command above will mine towards the account foo which has the password pwd.

Mining Zcash over SSL connections

To connect to the mining pool over SSL, you can use stratum+ssl:// instead of stratum:// in the URI.

bminer -uri stratum+ssl://[email protected]:6633

Mining on Nicehash

bminer -uri stratum://[email protected]:3357

Multi-algo switch mining on Miningpoolhub

bminer -uri stratum://foo.w:[email protected]:17023

The command above will mine towards the username foo, worker name w and password pwd.

Note that your worker should be registered in Hub Workers with Job type Equihash, not default Account's default job.

Strict security for SSL (verifying the certificates)

Use the -strict-secure option to turn on the verification of all certificates of the SSL connections.

bminer -strict-secure \
-uri stratum+ssl://[email protected]:6633

Escaping characters in the URI

You can follow RFC 1738 to escape special characters (e.g., @, /) in the URI. This is useful when the mining pool requires you to specify email address as part of the username.

For example, the following command asks nanopool to send email notifications to [email protected]:

bminer -uri stratum+ssl://[email protected]:6633

Enabling the management API

The -api option below enables the REST APIs at

bminer -api

Suppressing timestamps in the logging messages

bminer -no-timestamps

Logging messages to both console and a file

The -logfile option below enables logging to the specific file.

bminer -logfile=bminer.log

Exit immediately in case of network failures

The following parameters instructs Bminer to exit immediately in case of network failures. You will need your own monitoring tools for production deployments.

bminer -max-network-failures=0 -watchdog=false